A tradition of nuts and dried fruits.
The tradition of Malatya Pazari focusing on the Notion “QUALITY COMES FIRST” traces back to 1870 to the region of Malatya and went on in the following century with the launching of shops in Istanbul Spice Bazaar (Grand Bazaar), from where the company also started its first exports. Nowadays, modern plants form the production sites of the selected products accomplishing its range.

Malatya Pazari has a major role among the key players within this sector by successfully blending a rich assortment of edible nuts and dried fruits resulting from a successful merge of modern technology and traditional production.

Malatya Pazari carefully selecting its suppliers while ecologically striving the utmost not to harm the environment and its inhabitants, mainly contributes to the country’s economy by using primarily local resources. By continuously improving sales, marketing and distribution network supplying its traditional tastes to its customers, Malatya Pazari aims in future to remain as a supplier for many generations more by maintaining its blend of outstanding quality, taste and nature.

Malatya Pazari has 16 branches in Europe and Middle East (Ukraine, Poland, Dubai, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Iraq).